Smith Elementary

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Student Council

Smith Student Council

Students in grades four and five participate in the Smith Student Council. In order to be eligible for Student Council, a student must maintain a grade of 80 or above in all subjects. Once members have been elected by their peers, four officers are then elected from within the representatives.

The Smith Student Council attends a yearly leadership training to prepare for the upcoming school year. These children are dedicated to the success of our school and community and host several service projects throughout the school year. The Smith Student Council is also involved in technology and is in charge of the live daily telecast of the Smith morning announcements.

Breakfast meetings are held once a month to discuss upcoming projects, student concerns, and the monthly schedule.

The Smith Student Council is also a fun group!

As with any school group we count on the support of our parents and thank them for all of their dedication.

Student Council Sponsors: Gail Janecka