Smith Elementary

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Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol

To be on Smith Safety Patrol a student must:

¨Be a responsible 4th or 5th grader

¨Have a courteous and helpful attitude

¨Maintain a 70 or higher grade in all subject areas

¨Maintain a “B” or higher on their conduct grade

¨Be a good role model with a desire to serve their school

Smith Safety Patrol membership is an honor and a privilege. It is a job of commitment and service to your school throughout the year. You must display leadership qualities and be responsible. You will assist with morning student drop-off or afterschool pick-up. Your duties will include opening/closing doors, being courteous to adults and children, assisting students in crossing the driveway safely, and monitoring hallways before and afterschool. Whether you are on-duty or off-duty, you should observe the school rules and set a good example for fellow Smith Eagles. Smith Elementary needs you and counts on you. Thank you!!

Safety Patrol Sponsor: Mrs. Guerra